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NZNEES@Auckland is the name of a major research program lead by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the University of Auckland. NZNEES stands for the New Zealand Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulations, and it is a program conducted under the auspice of the U.S. George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES). The aim of the NZNEES@Auckland project is to provide a unique contribution to the integrated experimentation, computation and simulation capabilities that exist currently in earthquake engineering networks, and foster collabarative research in New Zealand and internationally.

The University of Auckland has a Data Visualisation Laboratory (DVL), connected to the New Zealand Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network (KAREN). The DVL enables remote experiments to be carried out effectively through the use of advance telepresence technologies.

Above: NZNEES@Auckland Data Visualisation Laboratory

The NZNEES@Auckland is developing a Mobile Field Laboratory(MFL), permitting large scale field experiments to be conducted and controlled remotely. The intent of field testing is to acquire data that can be used to improve our understanding of the performance of actual structures and their foundations, with several direct applications.

The facility will employ state of the art satellite technologies to connect to KAREN and state of the art wireless data acquistion system to support four major functions: 

  • Dynamic Destructive Testing
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Insitu Geotechnical Research
  • Performance of structures subjected to aftershocks

For more information, please contact us or inspect our overview paper.


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22-02-2007 - New overview document and direct link to video conferencing software added

18-11-2006 - Faculty of Engineering Centennial Open Day

17-11-2006 - FlexTPS Telepresence Server added

09-10-2006 - NZNEES@Auckland Website officially opens for traffic

06-10-2006 - Data Visualisation Laboratories Open Day for the Engineering Faculty

19-09-2006 - First NZNEES experiment recorded in Auckland viewed by International collaborators. For more information, click here.

31-08-2006 - Official launch of KAREN, NZNEES@Auckland made presentation to the New Zealand Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Helen Clark, NZ Minister of Research Science and Technology, Hon. Steve Maharey and the Minister of Telecommunication, Mr David Cunliff. For more information click here.


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